TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec is a relatively newer brand of the laser rangefinders as compared to the other bigger brands, but its products surely has got the quality and the potential to mesmerize both the professional and the amateur golf players. TecTecTec vpro500 Golf Rangefinder can be said by finding out the reviews and the feedbacks which some of the customers have got about this product.

They usually have several positive things to say about this product and they genuinely believe that the product is good enough to become a serious threat for all the top products from the most highly reputed brands. Another, great thing that goes in the favor of this product is its affordability and you rarely can get a product with such smart and advanced features at such a low price.

TecTecTec vpro500 Golf Rangefinder Features:

There are a lot of features to talk about this slope laser rangefinder from the TecTecTec brand. It has a fairly long measurement range of 5 to 540 yards. There is a rage of modes which you can exploit in this device such as the Flagseeker mode, Slope mode and the Scan mode. The Slope mode is the most useful of all the modes which, along with the Pin Slope technology gives you the calculated distance by taking into account all the slopes that comes in the way either downhill or uphill. The Pin Sensor technology with the Flagseeker advanced mode offers for the measurement of the overlapping subjects.

The first target priority mode could be exploited by the users for the purpose of displaying the distance to the closest of the objects. This becomes particularly useful when you are golfing for the distance to the flag stick on the field with woods there as well in the background. The Scan mode is useful for seeing the distance for the calculation of potential hazards. The item is found to be extremely durable and it has a rainproof or waterproof construction. The monocular used are high quality with 6x magnification and it also comes with multilayer coating for producing finer and brighter images.


  • The slope mode is a very practical feature which doesn’t compromise the calculations as even the slopes are also taken into account. It will help you a lot in choosing the right club and taking your shot with great precision.
  • The Flagseeker is another useful mode along with the Pin Sensor technology as you can then measure all the overlapping objects. This is particularly useful if the golf field has trees in the background.you can easily pick out the target without getting confused. It will be helpful
  • It comes with a very durable structure, and the construction is totally rainproof. So, you can use it with ease even if there are wet or rainy conditions. You will not have to worry about the maintenance of the rangefinder, no matter in which condition you have to use it. You can use it where you need with complete safety.
  • The 6x magnification monocular lens also comes with the very useful multilayer coating. Multilayer coating is useful in the sense that it allows you to get very fine, bright and crisp images. There would be no distortion in the image and you can have a clear result.
  • There is 1 year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. You can rely on the product with great trust and reliability. Because the manufacturer backs the product with a complete cover for any issues you might find I it within the first year after purchase.


  • You need to have a very steady hand for the precise measurements and this thing compromises the quality.
  • The longevity is an issue as there is not much history behind this product.
  • The size is a bit bulkier to be comfortable.


The TecTecTec vpro500 golf rangefinder is a very affordable device which offers all the features that any high-end product has to offer. It has got durable rainproof body and 1 year warranty is also offered. The issue is with its reliability and longevity as there are not many customers who have actually used it for a long time.

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