Callaway Golf Diablo Octane Rangefinder by Nikon Review

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that the game of golf is very much dependent on the range finder device you hold. The game could be very difficult otherwise and the golfers really cannot get the precision in shot that they are looking for. Now it comes to the selection of a particular brand and particular type of rangefinder. There are several reputed brands available in the market and Callaway is one of them which is worth having a look at. Then, it comes to the type and the laser rangefinder is the most used and the most preferred ones. The Callaway Golf Diablo Octane rangefinder brand is one amazing product which can fulfill all your desires about having such a device.

Callaway Golf Diablo Octane Rangefinder Features:

The Callaway Golf Diablo Octane Rangefinder is filled with a large number of unique features. The device is very much capable of calculating the distances to various targets in succession for a period of 8 seconds. This could be done by holding and pressing just one button on the unit. The Unique Selling Point of this app is its amazing Nikon optics which produce unbeatable and crisper images. The design is fairly durable and it has got waterproof and the fog proof capability as well. It has the useful first target priority actually precisely targets the bunker, pin or any other closer objects, even if there are trees in the background. The new and thin turbo static case is there for the purpose of in-round use and the walker clip design. The focusing diopter could be exploited by using a very simple to use twisting action of the installed eye piece.


The following are the most prominent pros of this laser rangefinder from Callaway manufacturer:

  • The product is very much an advanced one which is evident with its ability to capture successive targets for 8 seconds with the use of just a single push button. You can target and find the accurate distance you have to shoot the ball in order to get the goal quickly and accurately.
  • The Nikon brand is known for producing the top most optics in the field of photography and for any other device which uses a lens. This product has also got a Nikon lens which is used for producing clearer and much crisper images that you can ever get. You will get clear and sharp images without any blur effect.
  • And that definitely ensures the accuracy of the readings and your judgement.The design of this laser rangefinder is very much effective. The item is found to be fully fog proof and waterproof. So you can work with it in any condition and time when you are playing in a vast ground.
  • The first priority target mode is the most useful one which gives you accurate readings for all the intended targets even if there are many trees and other obstacles in the background.
  • You can focus with the lens by just simply twisting the diopter on the eyepiece.


The below given are some of the troubling points about this laser rangefinder device from Callaway brand:

  • The product is not capable of taking any differences in elevation between the golfer and the pin which is a little bit of an issue when the golfer has to play on an uneven field.
  • Some users complain that the gadget may stop functioning correctly in order to find the pin accurately after some time.
  • The battery cap of the product is loose and of low quality. Using the equipment with a loose cap is an issue and can be a problem. But this doesn’t affect the overall performance of the gadget in any ways.


The Golf laser rangefinder from Callaway has got the optics from Nikon which is a big plus of this machine. You will be able to get very crystal clear images and calculating the distance would be seamless even if there are dense trees and other obstructions and objects in the background. Be careful with the cap of the battery and you must be repaired for slight deterioration in performance after a few months. At the end we can say that despite the presence of few minor issues the overall features ad functions are reliable and helpful in playing the game.

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