Breaking 80 SmartSlope Golf Slope Rangefinder – Tournament Legal Review

The top expertise and shot precision in the game of golf could only be achieved if the game is played with the support of a rangefinder. The amateur, who are seeking top level expertise in the game do require having the rangefinder as a mandatory item. When it comes to the selection of a particular type of rangefinder then the laser rangefinder has always been the optimal choice among all the amateur golfers. It is because of its simplicity yet effective features and it is a cost friendly device as well. There is no ongoing cost in the form of monthly or yearly subscriptions, which the GPS rangefinder is all about. The laser rangefinder from Breaking 80 manufacturer, with PinSensor 3 and the InteliScan technology could be one of the most useful options if the buyer is looking for a reasonable and an affordable best golf rangefinder 2017.

Breaking 80 Features:

Breaking 80This laser rangefinder from the Breaking 80 manufacturer comes with the PinSensor 3 technology. The advanced PinSensor 3 technology, is useful for measuring the overlapping subjects. The first target priority is a very useful mode, which displays the distance of the closest object. It is particularly useful when the player is calculating the distance to the flag on the field with the other irrelevant objects in the background. The measurement range of this laser range finder is up to 400 yards which gives you the much needed edge that you need as a golfer. Then it comes to the InteliScan technology, which is another brilliant feature of this product.

It simply allows you to set the equipment in the scan mode and you can then easily pick up the distances to the subject by taking into account the background objects as well such as the bunkers, trees, bushes, edges and anything that is in the back of the golf course field. The top quality 6x monocular lens is adjustable and it comes with multilayer coating. Clear and crisp images of the golf field are guaranteed by the manufacturer through the lens of this device. The laser range finder comes with a money-back guarantee of 2 months and then a 1 year manufacturer warranty is also offered over the product.

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  • The PinSensor 3 technology is useful when it comes to the calculation of the overlapping objects. It will help you find the accurate distance towards your target without making any mistakes.
  • The measurement range of 400 yards is more than enough for the amateur golfers who are learning the tricks of the golf game. They can easily make accurate decisions with lesser chances of getting missed.
  • The InteliScan technology is a very useful one which could take the distance to all the irrelevant subjects such as the trees, edges, bushes, bunkers and anything else which is irrelevant but still has an influence on the shot.
  • The 6xmonocular lens is of top quality and it could be adjusted to get the most desirable and the crisper images of the subject through it. It will help avoid misjudgments in spotting the target.
  • The product is given with a very satisfactory money-back guarantee of 60 days. Apart from this, 1 year warranty is also given by the Breaking 80 manufacturer.


  • The equipment doesn’t have any mechanism which could counter the vibrations or shaking of the device, so the readings would always be compromised.
  • The default unit used is meters and not yards, which is problematic for some of the golfers using it. But if the player is well aware of the different units and the relativity of these units, then there would be no issue in this.
  • They are unreliable in the sense that they give the calculated distances to the woods in the background which are well beyond the flag.

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The rangefinder offers great PinSensor and the InteliScan technology, which are very much relevant for the users in terms of getting the precise readings. The equipment is easy to use and affordable as well for the beginners. The major issues of this device are with its units not given in yards and the unreliability in getting the readings to the subject. But if you have an ability to combine your judgement along with the rangefinder results, then you can get better results and overcome these minor issues. In this way this gadget would be advantageous and helpful in may way to make the game even more interesting and rewarding.

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