About Editor

Hi All,

I’m a crazy fan in Golf. So I play and discover golf everyday.

Anyway, I found my new hobby quite excited, and now do it as a business. But, I had to learn the basic knowledge of playing and use tools the hard way; by trial and error.

So I thought I would start this blog to give new and even somewhat experienced play and use golf tools a few tips and ideas.

However, this all starts with the Golf rangefinder you are using. And because I had such a hard time to find the right rangefinder for my game, I decided to share my experience with the different tools I’ve used, and also offer my opinion as to the best Golf Rangefinder for this year.

As my blog grew, many readers started asking other questions. They wanted to know about the use of the golf rangefinder, and which I thought the best. They also wanted to know the more about every types of golf tools for playing, so I decided to include a little bit of everything.

If you can think of something I should cover or review please do send me an email via contact@myrangefinder.com .

Anyway I hope all of this information is helpful to you.  Thanks again for visiting and do come back.